August 31, 2007

If Skybus Is the Future of Travel, Say Hello to $10 Flights

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/31/2007 09:13:00 AM
Skybus is advertising itself as the first $10 airline. I was surprised myself when I saw the advertised price. Apparently, Skybus flies to

Advertised fares to all current target cities will begin at $10 one-way, although the price increases as more tickets are sold for that flight. Though the exact number of $10 tickets are not advertised, Skybus guarantees that a minimum of ten such tickets will be offered for each flight.

What a steal! Sound too good be true? Yeah, because all of Skybus flights originate from Columbus Ohio! But hey, if you live in Columbus, Ohio, you can take Skybus to all of these places like San Diego and places that all out in the boondocks like Portsmouth, Ohio and Bellingham, Washington. And it might not be so easy getting a $10 return fare!

What's out in sleepy Columbus, Ohio? Not much. Just a few companies like Abercrombie and Fitch Co. (NYSE ANF), Wendy's International (NYSE WEN), and Limited Brands, Inc. (NYSE LTD) which is the keepr of Victoria's Secret.

Britney Spears No Pants Photos - Not Even Panties!

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/31/2007 12:51:00 AM

Look at these Britney Spears photos! Britney is wearing absolutely no pants! Britney Spears is so fat she stopped wearing pants. These photos were taken with Britney prancing around town wearing only a top and a pair of leather boots! If Britney spears didn't have all that cellulose under her ass, she would actually look very good with no pants. Unfortunately, Britney's tush looks as rocky as the Grand Canyons!

They used to say that women's skirts got shorter the better the stock market performed! With the Dow making new highs everyday, I can only guess that Britney is leading the way and ditching skirts altogether! No panties is the in thing in Hollywood now!

August 30, 2007

Apple iPod Maker Hon Hai Gambles $5 Billion on Vietnam

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/30/2007 03:53:00 PM
Soon, Apple iPods could be bearing stickers that say Made in Vietnam! Hon Hai Precision Industry is betting $5 billion that Vietnam will be the next big manufacturing center of Asia. Hon Hai makes the Apple iPod, Nintendo Wii, and xBox 360 among other boring products like cellphones for Nokia and routers for Cisco. Its quite a company. The do between $25 and $30 billion in revenues per year!

This company is a huge employer in China. They have about 500,000 employees in their factory towns which resemble some of the New England manufacturing towns a century ago - think Hon Hai village!

I can see why Hon Hai is going to Vietnam. One reason is the lack of regulation in Vietnam which makes manufacturing cheaper than in China - even the Chinese are cracking down on lead paint in toys!

Taiwan's Hon Hai Technology Group plans to invest US$5 billion (€3.67 billion) in Vietnam, dramatically increasing its commitment to a country drawing growing attention from high-tech manufacturers, an official said Thursday.

In an agreement signed in Hanoi on Wednesday, Hon Hai agreed to quintuple its planned investment in Vietnam, where it intends to build factories in six provinces across the country over the next five years, said Dang Van Hien of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Also, another reason is that the government of Vietnam is trying to improve their reputation as a growing manufacturing center since they joined the WTO in January

Vietnam has one of the world's fastest-growing economies, inexpensive labor costs and a large supply of young, well educated workers. Its appeal to investors has also grown since it joined the World Trade Organization in January.
I think Vietnam could be an interesting place for the next couple of years!

August 29, 2007

Justine Ezarik Ditches Porno, Takes Up Lifecasting

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/29/2007 07:59:00 PM

Justine Ezarak was just another 23 year old from Pennsylvania, tipping cows by day and surfing the internet by night, until she launched her own reality TV cam on With Justine's killer blonde looks, she could have taken up porno, but instead she took up lifecasting. Justine broadcasts her life 24/7 through her site ijustine and according to Justine, her life is no longer the same. People go to her site by the thousands and are like waiting for Justine to do something ... like take off her clothes. Justine swears she would never do that, but the life of a vlogger is one hard road, "The chat room wants me to get a raspberry frappacino." So she complied.

Justine got famous for broadcasting about her 300 page iPhone bill. That became a hit or so she writes on her blog TastyBlogSnack.

Drama? There's that too. A viewer called the police and reported a stabbing at Justin's apartment, the police was there in 10 minutes storming through her door! Justine cannot have a life, but only when the camera is turned off. "No one's judging me right now!"

August 28, 2007

Miss South Carolina Wins Most Dumbest Blonde Award at Teen USA Pageant - Caitlin Upton Really Is An Airhead

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/28/2007 12:05:00 PM

Caitlin Upton was about to win Miss Teen USA when she decided to be herself. The 5'9" ditzy blonde from South Carolina turned off her brain. Apparently smitten by Mario Lopez's charm (formerly known as A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell), Caitlin forgot that she was on a teen pageant and decided to ogle Mario's hot body and gave the only type of answer expected of a blonde.

Caitlin's response to the question, "Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this is?"

"I personally believe that we as Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don't have that and ummm our education, such as Africa and uh Iraq, and ummm everywhere such as, I believe ummm our education over here in the US should help the US, or should help South Africa, Iraq, and the Asian countries, so we will be able to umm help our future.

My advice Katie dearest: You need to help yourself! Ummmm. Everywhere such as. Ummm. I believe ummm Caitlin ummm didn't do anything wrong. She was just ummm being herself. Of course, this begs the question: Would this girl get any attention if she were anything but blonde? We don't care and neither should you because she's blonde! Caitlin may not be able to locate America on a world map but for sure she can locate Mario Lopez' assets and she's got some nice assets herself!

August 27, 2007

Aluminum Corp. of China Limited (ADR) is Worth $156?

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/27/2007 11:32:00 PM
I was looking at the top gainers list and at the top today was Aluminum Corp. of China Limited (ADR) also known as Chalco (NYSE ACH). It was +24 points today and closed at $67.46. Chalco also happens to be one of the top gainers this year. It was only trading at $15 a year ago. I dug around to see what is going on and it appears that this is the perfect arbitrage stock. You see, Chalco also trades in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Chart of ACH - Chalco ADR

The stock is moving up in Hong Kong. The ADR on the NYSE which is ACH is the equivalent of 25 Hong Kong Shares of Chalco which trades under the symbol 2600.HK. When I checked the price of Chalco in HK yesterday, it was trading at 20 HKD per share. Using that figure, each share of ACH was worth

Chart of Chalco H-Share - Hong Kong

20 HKD X 25 shares of HK Shares = 500 HKD per share of ACH

How much is it worth in dollars? To make the calculation easier, I will assume that 1 HKD is worth 8 USD.

500 HKD / 8 = $62.50

But wait! Why are the Hong Kong shares of Chalco 2600.HK moving up? It's because the Chinese government has announced a program to allow mainland Chinese investors to buy Hong Kong shares. In Shanghai, Chalco trades at an even higher price than 20 HKD per share. In fact, in Shanghai, Chalco traded at 50 yuan yesterday which is more than twice the price of the H-share. The symbol in Shanghai is and the name of the company is 中国铝业. These are called A-Shares.

Chart of Chalco - A-Share Shanghai

Wouldn't it be cool if we could figure the value of the ADR if the ADR converged to the A-share price? In finance, this is known as an arbitrage free condition. Let's assume that each ADR is convertible into 25 A-Shares (which it is not by the way). But for the sake of an experiment, let's say it is. Then,

50 Yuan Per A-share X 25 shares of A-Shares per ADR = 1250 Yuan.

Now, let's convert that into US dollars at an 8 to 1 exchange rate - this is a very very rough estimate by the way.

1250 Yuan / 8 Yuan Per USD = $156.25 per ADR

So, assuming that each ADR is convertiable into 25 A-shares, each ADR of Chalco (ticker symbol ACH) would be worth $156 per share. The current price of Chalco is $67 per share. That implies 138% upside assume perfectly efficient markets and arbitrate free conditions.

It's nice to be able to do the math because we may have uncovered the reason behind the wild move! This partially explains why Chalco moved up 24 points today.

August 26, 2007

Hilary Carol Cruz - Get Your Bling Bling While the Getting is Good Miss Teen USA!

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/26/2007 12:05:00 AM

Hilary Carol Cruz was just another small town girl from Colorado, but on August 25th, 2007, the 18 year old became Miss Teen USA 2007. You wouldn't know from watching the tv broadcast of the teen pageant how much bling you get for being Miss Teen USA! Hilary, you're now everyone's best friend! Everyone will want a piece of you now! Look at all this bling!

* The new MISS TEEN USA will be crowned with a custom diamond and pearl crown designed by MIKIMOTO, valued at $150,000
* A year long salary as MISS TEEN USA
* Personal appearance wardrobe
* A New York City apartment, when in New York, for the year of her reign including living expenses
* Official MISS TEEN USA pearl tiara, valued at $15,000 from Mikimoto
* A four day / three night trip for two to an AMERICAN AIRLINES destination in the Caribbean or Mexico
* A swimsuit wardrobe from BSC SWIMWEAR THAILAND
* A year's worth of hair care products and tools from FAROUK SYSTEMS
* A two-year scholarship from The NY FILM ACADEMY in New York City valued at up to $100,000
* A RITMO MUNDO Jumbo Jet Mystery dial time piece valued at $30,000
* A shoe wardrobe from NINA
* A national and international multi-media advertising campaign and a complete denim wardrobe from YMI JRANSWEAR
* A trophy from ROGASKA CRYSTAL
* Personal Services including a year-long membership to GRAVITY FITNESS and year-long pampering at New York City's NAO SALON & SPA and hair services form JOHN BARRETT SALON
* Modeling portfolio by leading New York City fashion photographer Fadil Berisha
* Casting opportunities and professional representation by the Miss Universe Organization
* Extensive travel opportunities with a personal travel manager representing sponsors and charitable partners
* Access to various New York City events including movie premiers and screenings, Broadway shows and launch parties
* Consultation with stylist Billie Causieestko and access to an event wardrobe from leading fashion designers
* Professional public relations media training
* Professional media/public relations representation by Rubenstein Public Relations and Planet PR in New York City
* Year-long dermatology and skincare services provided by Dr. Cheryl Thellman-Karcher

I have to confess that I haven't heard of half of the sponsors on the award list! Are they for real? Dr. Cheryl Thellman-Karcher? Fadil Berisha? Who are these people and what do they have to do with the teen USA pageant? Apparently, they all want a piece of you, Hilary Cruz! And they're all pretty cheap too. Take Mikimoto for instance. Mikimoto is shamelessly pitching that they crowned you, Hilary, with a $150,000 diamond and pearl tiara. Then, in the next line of the award list above, they say, "No, no, no. But you don't get to keep that tiara." You get the pearl tiara, Hilary. Worth how much? A measly $15,000 for crying out loud! Someone, tell me if I'm hearing this right, but that's dman cheap! (And no, I didn't miss spell dman! :-))

Just one word of advice Hilary: if they're going to be cheap, you might as well be a media whore! Why? Because they're going to be pimping you down media row for the next 365 days! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself! They haven't paid you a dollar yet and on the Miss Teen USA website, they've already put up a form to request you, Miss Teen USA, for charity appearances.
Have fun Hilary! We love you!

PS: Lose those crazy booty shorts! And get yourself more of those free sexy bikinis from BSC Swimwear Thailand while they're still hot on your ass!