October 21, 2006

Bored by Stock Trading?

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/21/2006 01:48:00 AM

I recently came across an ad in a magazine for a dot com (an forex broker that shall remain unnamed) and I have to say that the pitch for opening a forex account with this broker borders on some very aggressive and very socially irresponsible marketing. The pitch:
Tick. Stock.
Tick. Stock.
Tick. Stock.

Boring, Isn't It?

Just because you've got a nice, solid grown-up stock portfolio doesn't mean you can't any fun. Why not add add currency trading into the mix at this dot com? It's fast, exciting, open 24 hours a day.
Why am I upset by this type of marketing? First of all, no broker should ask any customer to open a forex trading account because it is supposed to be fast and exciting and open 24 hours. Brokers who are working with retirees have a responsibility to their clients and a fiduciary duty to ensure safety of principal. Forex definitely fails on that criteria alone. Retirees should put their retirement money into something that will insure principal and safety and provide a suitable return.

Secondly, boring is good when you are investing. Most people who want excitement from investing are gamblers, not investors. Gambling is an addiction and asking retirees to put their hard earned dollars into forex trading is simply irresponsible, because forex trading can lead significant losses. Trading forex (unless you have significant amounts of capital) entails using leverage, typically 5-10 times the amount of money you put in. Some firms even offer 200 times leverage which means if a currency moves just 0.5% in the wrong direction, all your money will be wiped out.

Fast and exciting huh? Sounds to me like you lose all your money in 24 hours!

Outrageously Expensive Holiday Toys

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Retailers are really taking parents to the cleaners this holiday season. So, junior wants a LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot kit? That goes for $249.99. It allows you to build programmable robots and even comes with BlueTooth for wireless control. Sounds like a great toy! Or How about a Butterscotch My Furreal Friends Pony? $299.99. Why does this pony cost so much?
Butterscotch Pony is a life-sized plush pony that loves to be groomed and cared for. She has many features similar to that of a real pony, including moving eyes, ears and head, soft fur coat and a swishing tail. Through sensors, Butterscotch can feel when she is being groomed and will move her head toward you, and may whinny and snort. The more you touch her, the happier she becomes. Just like a real pony, Butterscotch loves carrots and can be "fed." Hold the pretend carrot to her face, and she will open her mouth for it, or shake her head "no" if she has had enough. Kids can even sit on Butterscotch and she will gently bounce.

Buy A BMW and Get a Free Trip to Europe

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/21/2006 12:56:00 AM
Want a great deal on a BMW? BMW (FRA BMW , Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) is offering 10% discounts when buyers take delivery of their cars in Europe at the company's factory. The way these BMW European delivery programs work is pretty straightforward: Customers order the car through their dealer, who receives a normal profit on the sale. But instead of driving it off the lot, buyers fly to the factory, pick it up, cruise the Continent as long as the like, then drop it back off to be shipped home to the dealer. For a BMW 550i, buyers pay the European price of $54,405 which is savings of $4,095 off the US price of $58,500. Buyers also get a free trip to Europe - two for one airfare, one night's hotel, and chauffeur trip to the factory.

The savings on a BMW are typically 10%.

Delivery Price

2007 328i Sedan

2007 328xi Sedan

2006 325xi Sedan

2007 335i Sedan

2007 328i Sports Wagon

2007 328xi Sports Wagon

2007 328i Coupe

2007 328xi Coupe

2007 335i Coupe

2006 325Ci Convertible

2006 330Ci Convertible

Delivery Price

2007 525i Sedan

2007 525xi Sedan

2007 530i Sedan

2007 530xi Sedan

2007 530xi Sports Wagon

2007 550i Sedan

Why are luxury carmakers doing this? They want to hook first time luxury car buyers. The downside of the program is that it typically takes six to eight weeks before the car arrives back in the United States.

YouTube Gives Lawyers User Data

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/21/2006 12:48:00 AM
Twin Towers, January 2001
Marketwatch has an interesting article. Apparently, YouTube users don't have much privacy when using the service. YouTube caved in when Paramount Pictures asked for data about a user who uploaded the Twin Towers video onto the video sharing website.
On May 24, lawyers for Viacom Inc.'s Paramount Pictures convinced a federal judge in San Francisco to issue a subpoena requiring YouTube to turn over details about a user who uploaded dialog from the movie studio's "Twin Towers," according to a copy of the document.

'I was happy to utilize YouTube when it was still not clearly established. It felt a bit utopian, even though the days for that were clearly numbered.'
— Chris Moukarbel, filmmaker

YouTube promptly handed over the data to Paramount, which on June 16 sued the creator of the 12-minute clip, New York City-based filmmaker Chris Moukarbel, for copyright infringement, in federal court in Washington.
That YouTube chose to turn over the data, rather than simply remove the offending video from its site -- as it did Friday when it agreed to take down 30,000 videos at the request of a group of Japanese media companies -- came as a surprise to copyright experts.

October 20, 2006

Crazy Frog Brothers Says TV You Are No Longer Needed

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When kids can create stuff like this, who needs TV professionals?

Videos at Str8Up.com

Mamma.com Rises on Positive Google Results

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/20/2006 02:08:00 PM
Mamma.com (Nasdaq MAMA) gained another 11% today, following a greater than 20% gain yesterday, on the heals of great results from Google (Nasdaq GOOG) which rose 7% or 33 points to $459.67. Mamma closed at $2.15 up 22 cents. Volume jumped to around 1.9 million which was 8 times the normal volume of 336,000. Mamma started promoting Mamma Desktop Search on its home page. You can download it here. It is great to see them focus on Desktop Search which is their strength. Another link that also popped up on their home page is Mamma Health.
With Google's great results, there seems to be renewed interest in the search space. Another small search engine, Answers.com (Nasdaq ANSW) tacked on 5% after winning the People's Choice Award. Answers.com had really fallen out of favor since 2004 as with Mamma.com but now that Google has shown that advertising is the best place to be, these two stocks have basically turned around. I would not be surprised to see these stocks head much higher. I wrote about Mamma's valuation the other day which I think is building in a buyout premium and expectations of revenue increases from the AOL OpenRide deal.

Take a look and you will see that Mamma's market cap is just $30 million while Answers.com's market cap is $108 million. That pales in comparison to the size of Google which exceeds $100 billion in market cap. With Google fever and much stronger valuations for Internet stocks, these stocks are starting to moving much higher and could go much higher.

Teens Spend More Time On Social Networking Than Instant Messaging

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/20/2006 10:48:00 AM
Nielsen NetRatings Inc. (Nasdasq NTRT) announced the top 10 web sites for teens for September 2006 and they all have one thing in common, they offer icons, pictures, layouts, and other accessories for social networking. This is a big change from 3 years ago when the top 10 sites had to do with icons, pictures, layouts, and other accessories for social networking for instant messaging. It looks like teens are spending their time creating profiles on MySpace rather than customizing their IM.

What is interesting about the top 10 sites is that 9 out of the top 10 sites are new and only 1 site from 2003, SparkNotes.com, is still a top 10 site in 2006. Top top site for teens is PLyrics short for Punk Lyrics. The top 10 sites for teens are:

Top Sites among Teens 12-17 (U.S., Home and Work)

September 2003

UA Composition Percent

September 2006

UA Composition Percent





Blunt Truth




Teen People
















Badass Buddy






One True Media










Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, October 2006

In September 2003, kids ages 2-11 spent average of six hours and 39 minutes online; this September, that average had increased 41 percent to nearly 9 hours and 24 minutes. Teens spend even more time online, increasing 27 percent from an average of 21 hours and 4 minutes in September 2003 to 26 hours and 48 minutes in September of this year.

"The Internet is as much a part of children's lives as TV, school and books," said Cassar. "...we can expect the time kids spend online to increase along with expanded offerings on the Web and the growing network of their friends and family who use the Web frequently."

I think it shows how the internet has become much more fashion conscious and trendy and subject to hits just like traditional media. It is quite amazing that the average teen spends 26 hours online. That is one full day.

Walmart Offers Free Flogs in Aisle Six

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/20/2006 10:31:00 AM

Are you a Working Family for Walmart or a Paid Critic of Walmart? Walmart's PR firm Edelman admitted to producing two more flogs ("fake blogs") for Walmart (NYSE WMT) shoppers today or progs ("promotional blogs") as I call them. The blogs were apparently made to look like real blogs written by Walmart lovers. In fact, they were written by PR professionals at Edelman.
One blog appears on the home page of Working Families for Wal-Mart, the allegedly grassroots advocacy group formed by Edelman last December, which is "committed to fostering open and honest dialogue...that conveys the positive contributions of Wal-Mart to working families." The second blog is on WFWM's subsidiary site Paid Critics.

The Paid Critics blog is devoted to "exposing" links between unions and other vested interests that are "smearing Wal-Mart" through the media. Until yesterday, blog entries on both WFWM and Paid Critics were uncredited. Thursday, bylines were added to blog posts "in response to comments and emails."
That is just wonderful. I wrote about the Walmarting Across America Blog which was another fake blog allegedly written by a pair of Walmart lovers motoring their way across the US and sleeping in Walmart parking lots. Edelman has just admitted earlier that Walmarting Across America was a fake blog when today it announced that there were two more on the shelf.

Walmart's recent admissions raises a great question: How do you create do PR in the blogosphere? I think it starts with offering simple and delightful products. If Walmart focused on great deals in its PR, I'm sure bloggers would write about it. Everyone like to talk about cool things and great deals. Start with the basics Walmart and the rest will follow.

October 19, 2006

Mamma.com Has One Great Day

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/19/2006 04:20:00 PM
I was looking at some news and saw that Mamma.com Inc. (Nasdaq MAMA) rose 21% today which makes it the #6 highest gainer on Nasdaq today. I think that Mamma.com has a shot at being acquired by Microsoft. It is quite unbelievable that Mamma.com used to be worth $15 a share.

I think any Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq MSFT) news could send Mamma.com soaring. In other Microsoft slash internet related news, Answers.com announced a partnership with Mr. Softee and the stock also rose 21% today. Answers.com's 1-Click Answers application will be promoted as a recommended add-on for Internet Explorer 7 according to the press release. Note how Microsoft is partnering with small companies rather than large companies. I think this trend bodes very well for smaller Internet companies like Mamma.com.
Answers Corporation (NASDAQ: ANSW), creators of Answers.com(TM) which supplies relevant answers on almost four million topics, today announced that Microsoft has chosen its 1-Click Answers(TM) application to appear on its list of recommend add-ons for the newly released Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) web browser

Good Girls Go Bad

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/19/2006 03:58:00 PM
Great article about Halloween and the costumes that women and girls wear. According to the Times, this is Halloween:

“It’s a night when even a nice girl can dress like a dominatrix and still hold her head up the next morning,” said Linda M. Scott, the author of “Fresh Lipstick: Redressing Fashion and Feminism” (Palgrave Macmillan) and a professor of marketing at the University of Oxford in England.

This is a great quote:

Rebecca Colby, 28, a library clerk in Milwaukee, said the appeal of sexy costumes lies in escaping the workaday, ho-hum dress code.

“I’m not normally going to wear a corset to go out,” said Ms. Colby, who has masqueraded as a Gothic witch with a low-cut bodice, a minidress-wearing bumblebee, a flapper and, this year, most likely, a “vixen pirate.”

If You Can't Beat Them, Buy Them

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/19/2006 03:41:00 PM
Linkin Park also made money during the Warner Music Group Corp. IPO (NYSE WMG)
That is what the labels did hours before Google bought YouTube. Universal, Sony, and Warner each bought a stake in YouTube hours before its sale to Google. On the sale, the labels instantly made $50 million.

Internet Explorer 7 Offers Tabs

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/19/2006 07:47:00 AM
IEBlog from Microsoft (Nasdaq MSFT) announced the release of IE 7. You can download Internet Explorer 7 here. It has tabbed browsing. Yeah! Tabs have been the reason I use FireFox. I'm dying to try out IE 7 and hope it is much better at memory handling than FireFox. Everytime I use FireFox, I have to restart my computer after a few hours because FireFox becomes a memory hog. It must be the memory leaks.

For Free MP3, go to AllOfMP3

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/19/2006 07:28:00 AM
AllOfMP3 has been offering free MP3s on its website and is being officially recognized by the US government as the highest volume seller of pirated MP3s online according to the NY Times.
Low prices and ease of use have made AllofMP3 a consumer favorite among music download sites, but the site — which claims to operate legally under Russian copyright law — faces ongoing legal battles with the music industry and harsh criticism from the United States government.
The site has 5 million users and grows at 5000 new users pay day. In case you were wondering, the site is based in Russia where intellectual property laws need not apply. BoingBoing is saying that Visa has cut off AllOfMP3 and therefore the site is switching to become ad supported. The site is nearly free since tracks are 10 cents per download. For 10 cents per song, $25 buys you 250 songs, much cheaper than iTunes by Apple Computer (Nasdaq AAPL). It also runs a service called AllTunes. The issue seems to be stirring up some interest in Washington:
The US Trade Representative has been threatening to scuttle Russia's entry into the World Trade Organization if they don't shut down AllOfMP3, but nobody in Russia seems to care much about WTO membership. Sitting on one of the world's largest oil reserves makes membership in the WTO somewhat moot -- Russia will always be able to find trading partners.
In this day and age, I think this will be a real test of IP rights vs consumer choice. It will be a real test of the business models that music companies have in developing companies. The reason AllOfMp3 exists is simply because music companies try to charge first world prices to developing world customers. It just doesn't work unless consumers can afford the products.

AllOfMP3 defends itself saying:
Mr. Mamotin said that the site, which claims five million subscribers and a growth rate of 5,000 a day, pays artists by turning over 15 percent of its revenue to a collecting agency, the Russian Multimedia and Internet Society, or ROMS. by its initials in Russian.

Google Q3 Prediction from Yahoo! Engineer

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/19/2006 07:23:00 AM

Amr, a Yahooligan (Nasdaq YHOO), is predicting Google (Nasdaq GOOG) revenues which comes out today after the close:

I predict that Google will come in at the low side of estimates, if not miss them completely (i.e. 5% or less). However, I am not confident enough to bet my money on it, as comscore data was flaky last quarter (they predicted 20% sequential organic search volume increase for Google’s Q2 over Q1).

We shall see shortly whether he is right.

Now Live with Yahoo! Publisher

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/19/2006 07:06:00 AM
You may have noticed that those blank boxes have disappeared. Yeah!! I have switched from Google AdSense to Yahoo! Publisher. I like Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq YHOO) products and have been a Yahoo! user for a long time, which is why I decided to switch to Yahoo! Yahoo!, I'm with you now! I hope you can set a higher standards for everyone in the contextual advertising industry. Healthy competition is great for the online advertising industry. Thank you for offering an alternative to Google. I feel like I switched - from PC to Mac!
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October 18, 2006

Friendster Gets Photo Tagging Patent

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/18/2006 03:04:00 PM
Everyone's favorite bygone social networking site Friendster has just gotten another patent issued by the USPTO. The first one covered social networking. This one covers the tagging of photos. FlickR (and Yahoo! Inc (Nasdaq YHOO) and Google/YouTube (Nasdaq GOOG)) users beware! Because Friendster also thinks it should cover video tagging!

Here is the legalese:

A method of inducing content uploads in an online network includes the steps of storing content relating to a first member of the network that is submitted by a second member of the network, receiving approval of the content from the first member, and associating the content with the first member. The uploaded content may comprise an image file containing a photo of the first member and a caption associated with the photo image. The second user uploads the content relating to the first member using a GUI. This GUI is made available to the second user through a hyperlink that appears when a profile page of the first member is accessed if the degree of separation between the first member and the second member is less than or equal to a maximum degree of separation set by the first user. On the other hand, the hyperlink to this GUI will not appear when the profile page of the first member is accessed by the second member if the degree of separation between the first member and the second member is greater than the maximum degree of separation set by the first user. The default setting for this maximum degree of separation is one.

I Got Stiffed by Google

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/18/2006 12:48:00 PM
I have been running Adsense on my blog for 2 months and this month I hit the minimum $100 needed for a payout. In fact, I would have been paid today. Except, Google (Nasdaq GOOG) hit me with an email contending that there was invalid click activity on and my Adsense account is being disabled. I got stiffed by Google.

I have never clicked on my own Adsense ads, so I know that I am not responsible for the invalid clicks. I investigated further, becasue I wanted to understand why there were invalid clicks on my account, so I wrote to Google to ask them to tell me which clicks were invalid and how many invalid click there were. I got 2 form emails from Google. Clearly nobody at Google read my emails to them. You can see what they wrote:

Email #1


Upon receipt of your response, we have thoroughly reviewed your account
and have confirmed that it is related to an account previously disabled
for invalid click activity. We have certain policies in place to help
ensure the effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as our
advertisers. For this reason, we are unable to reinstate you into the

Please note that due to the proprietary nature of our algorithm, we
cannot disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or
what specifics we found on your account.


The Google AdSense Team
Email #2


Thank you for your email regarding the action taken on your account.

We understand that you wish to receive specific information regarding the invalid clicks we observed on your account. However, due to the proprietary nature of our algorithm, we cannot disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or what specifics we found on your account.

As you know, Google treats instances of invalid click activity very seriously. By disabling your account according to our policy on this matter, we feel that we have taken the necessary measures to protect our advertisers and to ensure that invalid clicks will not continue to
occur on your site.

Publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed further participation in Google AdSense. We appreciate your understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

You can see from the emails that Google refuses to tell webmasters and bloggers why their accounts have been disabled citing:
Please note that due to the proprietary nature of our algorithm, we cannot disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or
what specifics we found on your account.
I find Google's explanation to be very unconvincing because if they could show which clicks were invalid, then they could have clearly removed those clicks. The fact that Google refused to tell me which clicks were invalid raised several suspicions in my mind. I am not happy that I got stiffed out of my money, so I searched for "Google Adsense Account Disabled" in Yahoo! (Nasdaq YHOO).

I learned that many webmasters have been stiffed by Google right when they were supposed to have been paid out. Instead of getting paid, they got their accounts disabled right when they would have qualified to get their checks made out to them. Here are some of the postings I found:

PeachJon - Yesterday (9/13/2006) my Adsense account was disabled due to invalid clicks. In reality it was due to the $100 in earnings accumulated since April of 2006.
Big companies do not get rich by writing checks! Just as well. Google Adsense was sending ads that degraded the content of my website and its subsequent pages anyway. Google just gave me the motivation to delete its code altogether.

Another PeachJon reader - I would suggest that folks avoid AdSense like the plague. I googled around about this issue, and it seems to happen to a lot of people, and always when it's getting close to payout time.

DonkeyOnTheEdge - After an year when you are bound to get a payment, they will disable your account without giving any reason whether you are guilty or not. They have no liability whatsoever and it is their right to cheat people. They never tell you what was the cause of diabling accoun or provide any data. It means that it is their choice when to stop payment to the publisher.

I would like to believe that Google is doing the right thing and controlling traffic quality, but the truth is after reading all these postings from former Adsense publishers, I am beginning to believe that Google stiffs publishers systemically right when it is payout time. Since most publishers never reach $100 of earnings, most never complain. However, when publishers do reach $100, then Google pulls the plug.

The way Google works with Adsense publishers reminds me of a China story that a friend told me about how Chinese developers work with migrant construction workers. According to my friend, many skyscrapers are being built in China today and construction companies often need lots of part-time labor, so they hire migrant workers from the countryside for two thirds of the year to work in the city. Because it is very expensive to live in the city, these companies promise to pay for food and board for their workers during the year and they also promise to pay them a salary when their job/tour of duty is complete. In return, the peasants work for the companies until Spring which is when the companies promise to pay them a lumpsum of money for their work.

In reality, few of the workers actually get paid. In fact, most of the migrants workers get stiffed by the developers. The developers walk away with the money. The workers return home with nothing. The developers use the peasants and workers to build their projects and when the projects are done, they cheat the peasants and migrant workers out of their wages.
You frequently hear about peasant protests and revolts in China, and that is why sometimes things get violent.

Imagine how you would feel, if you left your village to toil under 100 degree weather for two thirds of the year, hundreds or thousands of miles away from your home, only to discover after you had put your blood and sweat into your work, that you would not be paid?

It doesn't feel good to be stiffed whether you are a peasant, a migrant worker, or a blogger. I got stiffed by Google, and I feel like one of those migrant workers. It sounds so much like the China story: a promise that is undelivered. After running AdSense for 2 months, Google has generated money from my blog and put all that money into its pocket wihout giving me a share that it promised to me when I signed up. I have not received a single penny from Google after toiling for Google.

I am deeply disappointed in Google and the fact that they have to resort to these types of practices to make their earnings numbers. It is so unsavory and unethical, especially when Google sees itself as a young and hip company whose motto is Don't be Evil. Some things never change. But after hearing my friend's China story, maybe I should not be surprised that Google makes money the old fashion way.

Censored by Google

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/18/2006 08:09:00 AM
In case you are wondering why there are big blank squares on this page, it's because Google (Nasdaq GOOG) disabled my Adsense account after I wrote an article on Tuesday about Google's upcoming earnings, "Is Google Slowing?" The post was made around 10 am on Tuesday morning and by 1 pm Tuesday afternoon, Google had sent an email saying Google AdSense Account Disabled. Is this a coincidence? I think not. Here is the email:
Your AdSense account was found to be related to an account previously
disabled for invalid click activity and we have therefore disabled your
account. Publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed
further participation in AdSense and do not receive any further
payment. The earnings on your account will be properly returned to the
affected advertisers.

As outlined in our program Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the
right to terminate any publisher's participation at any time.


The Google AdSense Team
First off, I never click on my ads and I never generate invalid clicks so this is a very poor excuse for censoring me for writing about their earnings. Nobody makes a fortune blogging and why would I want to engage in clicking for a few pennies? Journalists write about company earnings all the time and by singling me out, Google is setting an awful precedent for the Internet.

What this event brings to light is the power of Google to strong arm their partners by withholding revenues from them. If I were a very large publisher and had a run in with Google, imagine what Google could do if it controlled my ad revenues. Imagine what could happen if Google decided that it didn't like a certain media company anymore? Turn off the Adsense - kill their stock. I can think of several companies, very big media companies, that rely on Google for alot of ad dollars. This could happen to anyone, not just me. Don't think about just one single blogger. Think about the world.

Small time bloggers have to entrust their advertising sales force to with Y!, G, of M, because they don't have the resources to go it alone, but big media companies can. Several large media companies are making the decision today to entrust Google with their video content in return for video advertising return. Is this a good idea? As Mark Cuban points out, "
Giving up your core asset to someone who is probably smarter and better prepared than you to exploit the rights of your assets isnt usually a good move. It violates my negotiations rule."

Censorship is a very controversial issue and it is only possible for large corporations to do that, because they have so much power. Hitler censored minorities to stop them from expressing their views because he could. He was so powerful that he could stop people from expressing their views.

And here I am, just a small time blogger facing Google. By censoring me, Google is merely stopping one voice in the market place of ideas from discussing varioius views on its earnings. I am sure there are many others who have views one way or another on Google who will continue promoting their views in the marketplace of ideas.

Regarding the Google earnings, I couldn't care less whether the numbers are good or bad, but censoring me for expressing my view is very wrong. It is so authoritarian, I think it goes against everything the liberals at Google are taught in school. It is very immature and childish and goes to show that Google is not run by grownups but by very fickle people who make decisions not based on rules but based on whims.

I have written back to Adsense Team and hope they respond. However, proving that there is no cost of substitution but a few lines of code, I will be trying out Yahoo! Publisher which has just upgraded to Panama.

Maybe Microsoft Will Buy Mamma.com

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/18/2006 07:25:00 AM

Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq MSFT) is getting ready to launch Vista and I've pointed out how slow Windows Desktop search is. In a test I did, Windows took 10 times longer to find notepad.exe than Google Desktop Search (Nasdaq GOOG). Unbelievable isn't it? That is why I believe Mamma.com Inc. (Nasdaq MAMA) could be bought by Microsoft. Mamma has Copernic Desktop Search and it's the highest rated desktop search application on CNET Networks Inc. (Nasdaq CNET) and also bundled with AOL.

Imagine what buying Mamma would do for Microsoft? It would pull the rug out from under AOL Time Warner Inc. (NYSE TWX) at the same time that it gives Microsoft the best desktop search application out there. I think Mamma is a buy at $1.59 and could be worth $8 on a buyout.

Note my analysis is very top down. I think these are the scenarios.

25% @ $8 Buyout from Microsoft
50% @ $5 Improvement in earnings and revenues from AOL
25% @ $3 Stand alone company

I think this Mamma.com stock is worth $5.25.

Other News: Microsoft launches Linkfromdomain search.

Ken Lay - The Real Life Prison Break

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/18/2006 06:43:00 AM

The Kenneth Lay and Enron saga has turned into a real life version of Prison Break. In the Prison Break, the Vice President of the United States fakes the killing of his brother so that he can get off of corruption charges free and clear. The VP stashes her brother away in Wyoming and the protagonist of the show, Lincoln Burrows, is the guy who takes the fall, gets falsely imprisoned, and plots a prison break. Being a conspiracist, it is interesting to note that Kenneth Lay's conviction for fraud and cheating investors out of billions of dollars was overturned after his death.
A federal judge Tuesday vacated the conviction of Enron's late founder Kenneth Lay, wiping out a jury's verdict that he committed fraud and conspiracy in one of the biggest corporate scandals in U.S. history.
Now, who gets to take the $43 million?

EU - Want to Share Video? You Need a License

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/18/2006 03:12:00 AM

The European Union is seeking to require broadcasters on the internet to have a license. What is it with the EU and regulation?

“Supposing you set up a website for your amateur rugby club, uploaded some images and added a link advertising your local sports shop. You would then be a supplier of moving images and need to be licensed and comply with the regulations.”

Yahoo! China Gets a New GM

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/18/2006 02:35:00 AM
Yahoo! China (Nasdaq YHOO) has a new GM Xie Wen, former CEO of Hexun - one of the leading finance portals in China.
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Yahoo! Releases Most Mistyped Keywords

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/18/2006 02:29:00 AM
Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq YHOO) released a list of most mistyped keywords.

  1. Rachel Ray (Rachael Ray)
  2. Tatoos (Tattoos)
  3. Scarlett Johanson (Scarlett Johansson)
  4. Wierd Al Yankovic (Weird Al Yankovic)
  5. Evanesence (Evanescence)
  6. Soduku (Sudoku)
  7. Barbara Streisand (Barbra Streisand)
  8. Louis Vitton (Louis Vuitton)
  9. Jamie Presley (Jaime Pressly)
  10. Jimmy Buffet (Jimmy Buffett)
  11. Brittany Spears (Britney Spears)
  12. Brittney Spears (ibid)
  13. Anna Nichole Smith (Anna Nicole Smith)
  14. Eva Mendez (Eva Mendes)
  15. Jessica Beil (Jessica Biel)
  16. The Biggest Looser (The Biggest Loser)
  17. Jennifer Anniston (Jennifer Aniston)
  18. Marie Antionette (Marie Antoinette)
  19. Mercedez Benz (Mercedes Benz)
  20. Micheal Jordan (Michael Jordan)

Yahoo! Sends Panama Search Marketing Upgrade Email

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/18/2006 01:51:00 AM
In case you've been wondering about Panama, Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq YHOO) has been sending emails to customers today to upgrade. Yahoo is giving everyone the option of upgrading now or later. There is a line for upgrades so you will have to complete a form if you wish to upgrade to the latest version Panama. Traffick says there is no turning back.

The New Sponsored Search Is Now Live!

Earlier this year, we announced that a completely redesigned marketing platform is on its way, full of advanced, easy-to-use features that will help you better connect with Yahoo!'s vast and valuable audience. We wanted to take a moment to provide you with an update on the availability of the new Sponsored Search.

We've begun inviting U.S. advertisers to upgrade their accounts. We've been thoroughly testing our systems to help ensure a quality experience once advertiser accounts are upgraded, and we are now beginning the process of inviting advertisers to upgrade their accounts.*

Invitations will be sent in stages to U.S. advertisers over the remainder of the year and early next year. You'll be notified of your upgrade date at least two weeks in advance. You'll also be able to access a preview of what your account will look like after the upgrade. This preview can help you become familiar with the features and the layout of the new control panel, called the Yahoo! Marketing Solutions center. If you're happy with your preview, we encourage you to upgrade your account as soon as possible. This will help ensure that your upgraded account closely resembles the preview. Advertisers that are invited to upgrade before the end of the year may choose to do so after the holidays, to avoid any disruption during this important time. If, however, you can't wait to get your hands on the new Sponsored Search, you can request that your upgrade date be scheduled as early as possible by filling out the Online Request Form.

Many resources will be available to help you make a smooth transition. We've created an extensive Upgrade Center to assist you during the transition. Full of tips, tutorials and FAQs, the Upgrade Center will walk you through all of the new features within the Yahoo! Marketing Solutions center, as well as the best practices for managing your new Sponsored Search account. We'll also be launching the Yahoo! Marketing Solutions blog soon, to provide you with timely information about the new Sponsored Search, as well as inside tips from our own online marketing specialists and much more. You can find all of these resources by visiting the Upgrade Center.

The bid information displayed within your current account will soon change. As advertisers upgrade their accounts, their bids will no longer be reflected in the current system. To ease this transition and help provide you with accurate bidding information, in approximately six to eight weeks you will see two new data points on the Manage Bids page: First, you will see a bid range for prime placement. This bid range will tell you what advertisers are currently bidding for the spots at the very top of the search results page for each keyword (Example: $.75 - $.25). Second, you'll see an estimate of your average position for each listing. Each time you enter a new bid this estimate will change, so you'll be able to tell where your listing is likely to appear for a given bid. Once these two new pieces of information become available, you'll no longer see the Top 5 Max Bids column displayed in your account.

Please note that there will be no change to the way listings are ranked for the remainder of 2006; they will continue to be ranked by bid as they are today. Early next year, we will change the way ads are ranked, taking ad quality into account, as well as bid. More detailed information will be provided regarding this change before it occurs.

New Terms and Conditions will take effect once your account is upgraded. Once you've upgraded, your account will be governed by a new set of advertiser Terms and Conditions. Review the new terms and conditions.

We hope you are as excited about the new Sponsored Search as we are. Bringing this powerful new marketing platform to you is just the first step towards helping you better connect to the Yahoo! audience. So please be on the lookout for more information about this important change and be sure to visit the new Upgrade Center to learn more. You may also contact us at 866-YAHOO-98 (866-924-6698) if you have questions.


Your Partners at Yahoo! Search Marketing

*The new Sponsored Search will roll out to advertisers in the U.S. market first. Details regarding international availability of the new Sponsored Search will be made available at a later date.

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