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October 08, 2007

Melinda Englanda aka Teacher Gone Wild on MySpace

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/08/2007 01:25:00 PM

Melinda England is a 28-year old Knoxville schoolteacher and mother by day and a sexy, nude exhibitionist by night on Myspace. That last part was a problem because her principal found out!

Melinda England's MySpace picture is causing a firestorm at her school because Melinda England MySpace nude pics are showing up at school!

The pictures are clearly amateur and you have to feel bad for Melinda who is obviously just trying to have a social life! That photo? I'd say she is just being friendly.

Melinda’s also has a picture on AbsolutePunk.net where her screen name was “xlpaws” and again this isn’t a naked pic or anything. Her profile is still up (so quick! go check it out!). It says her birthday is February 8, 1979 (28). She may have even had a livejournal journal.

Melinda England xlpaws

Here's what's interesting: Even teachers have a first amendment right to freedom of speech. The catch is that if the principal thinks it's inappropriate, she can be fired. I say if she didn't try "friending" her students, it's all fine and games! Apparently the principal didn't think so because Melinda's on leave from her teaching gig. She got a letter from school asking her to boot for her sorry ass!

I say all's well that ends well and it's great to have all that new found fame! Melinda - boot your ass from school and go become a new MySpace model. Forget Knoxville USA. Become Paris and be famous for just being famous.

If you think there's anymore privacy in world, think again. Melinda literally talks about everything in her life online -even prescription drug use!

The haters are raving that she’s blogging on MySpace about prescription drug use and “out of control” kids. Well, it turns out her “prescription drug use” is Prednisone to help with flareups from fibromyaglia.

Melinda -you've found your true calling. Now go for it! What would you do if you were the Melinda, the student, or the principal?

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