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September 20, 2007

e-Future Information Technology Rocks Again

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 9/20/2007 06:01:00 PM
e-Future topped the Nasdaq top gainers list today going up 50% on China fever. I wrote about e-Future Information Technology Inc. (Nasdaq EFUT) last year when this microcap Chinese ERP software company did its IPO and proceeded to go up 627%. This little known company e-Future became the #1 IPO of 2006. Almost an entire year has passed and e-Future is back again. Its the same story. The low float combined with the large amount of shares concentrated among a few investors is making this hot stock go up like a rocket again.

What is amazing is the tiny market cap of this software company. With a free float of only 45,000 shares out of 1.5 million shares outstanding, the freely tradeable shares is less than a fraction of 1%! That makes it ripe for a fast rise and a short squeeze. e-Future has a market of only $27 million making it easily manipulated up or down with just a few million dollars. In all, this company looks more like a venture stage software company than your average software company.

Investing in e-Future is a game of musical chairs. Early buyers reap big rewards. Last one in gets left holding the bag. You can see it from the market action. The potential of fast profits is leading day traders to "rent" this stock and trade it like mad. The entire share base turned over close to 2 times - ie volume was 2.6 million shares vs 1.5 million shares outstanding.

I honestly can't figure out what they do, so unfortunately, it is too sizzling hot for my taste. The more adventurous among you may decide to buy or sell and I have no doubt some people will make money. I'll take a pass.

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