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September 12, 2007

Counterfeit iPhones Flood the Streets of Taiwan and Shanghai

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 9/12/2007 12:35:00 PM

Steve Jobs used to say, "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." If that's the case, then merchants in Taiwan are incredible! Six months before the iPhones launched in the US, merchants in Taiwan and in Shanghai started selling fake iPhones to kids on the streets that look exactly like iPhones. They look exactly like the one pictured above. It's hard not to be flattered if you're Apple (Nasdaq AAPL).

Ben, the iPhone peddler, says he has sold over 10,000 iPhones since the summer in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the U.S. The knockoff phones are produced in batches of 1,000 at a factory in Shenzhen, China, across the border from Hong Kong, says Ben, 26. He advertises his phones on the Internet and sells them for NT$8,900 ($270). On Sept. 5, Jobs cut the price of the top iPhone to $399, a $200 reduction. You got to love them! If fakers can sell them for $270, then I'm sure more price cuts are coming.

``The guts aren't hard,'' Ben says. ``The hard part is the design and the exterior.''

In Shanghai, the knockoffs are kept under the counter of a cramped market stall on the sixth floor of a trash-strewn building near the railway station.

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