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September 25, 2007

China Is the New Dot-Com - China Precision Steel, China Technology, China Automotive

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 9/25/2007 01:55:00 PM
China Precision Steel (Nasdaq CPSL) is up another 31% today since starting at around $3 last week. It's up to $10.45 today. There is alot of speculation in CPSL.

Other stocks up in sympathy are China Technology Development (Nasdaq CTDC) and China Automotive (Nasdaq CAAS). CTDC is up 15% and CAAS is up 4%. Both are showing more trading volume in recent days which tends to precede these fast sharp rises. CAAS has gained the least, so maybe it has more room to go up. CTDC and CAAS were really wild stocks about a year ago and traded as high as $15. The stocks like CPSL and CHNR have all traded to the mid teens in the last week.

What about a China energy play? That would be China Sunergy (Nasdaq CSUN) up 41% today.

Just add China and your stock will go up. China is the new dot-com. Fully half of the top 10 gainers of today are China related stocks:

CDS 7.50, +2.30, +44%
CSUN 9.85, +2.82, +40%
CPSL 10.45, +2.53, +31%
XFML 7.94, +1.46, +22%
FMCN 58.48, +9.98, +20%

Some of them were not even listed until yesterday. CDS is China Direct which is an OB company was just recently listed on AMEX. I can't figure out what they do at their website but their profile says they offer direct access to china. Okay. What does that mean? Very vague, but it looks like an investment bank/reverse merger specialist company.

The name of the game is speculation.

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