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September 29, 2007

Breasts Not Bombs

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 9/29/2007 05:56:00 AM

Nearly a century after FDR promised a chicken in every pot, Breasts Not Bombs is campaigning for ever American woman's right to a pair of silicon in every breast. Breasts Not Bombs is a women's group that has decided that getting attention is easier when topless. Breasts Not Bombs staged a protest against the increased federal spending ($190 billion) for the new Pentagon budget to confront the boobs in the White House. That's a lot of weapons and the ladies at Breasts Not Bombs are not happy because the money could have bought every woman in the US a pair of silicon implants. I wholeheartedly agree that it's a shame the money is being spent on bombs rather than breasts. Breasts not Bombs is based in Mendocino California. For more hot coeds, go to Breasts Not Bombs website where you can find 18 Breasts for piece - presumably of college girls who truly understand that the sure way to get the attention of any hormone filled male is to show some skin.

For more info, you may go to the official site. Breast alert: Please note there are alot of breasts so it is not for the breast-o-phobe.

Million Breasts Virtual March Pictures
Another 8 Breasts for Peace
Eighteen Breasts for Peace
Eight Wet Breasts for Peace

Breasts Not Bombs definitely got my attention. Their technique is certainly unconventional. Did they get yours?

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Blogger WrdFrk said...

Really? SILICONE Breasts Not Bombs? That would be very disappointing, because breast implants are very dangerous. That's like they're saying, "Don't make bombs that kill people, spend the money instead on defective medical devices that maim women." We explore breast implants in the context of everything at the Beauty and the Breast blog. In fact, we posted a piece called Fake Boobs in Iraq: Not Such a Hot Idea

11:14 PM  
Blogger MR WAVETHEORY said...

wrdfrk, People getting silicone breasts know what they're getting into. People getting bombed well ... they don't have a choice.

11:39 AM  
Blogger SGlaser said...

That is my photo you've got posted on your blog spot. Let me assure you sir, that none of us at Breasts Not bombs have been surgically enhanced. We find the idea of implanting silicone high on the mysoginst's top ten list. Women have been taught that their bodies are wrong, shameful, or only for the pleasure and use of men. We have the bodies we were born with, gave birth with and will die with. They are basically God's creation.
We are blessed with good health and the privelege to live in the United States where we have the duty and right to exercise our first amendment. We use our bodies, yes, to get your attention, and to defend the definition of decency. As the signs say in the picture in front of the White house, we find this administration indecent, obscene and immoral. Our actions make people, think, laugh and occasionally do something to bring attention to the terrible state of violence against the world, women, children and elders. Our bare breasts are symbols of life, peace, and the mother. If we could have a culture that revered that, protected that, respected that we would have a whole new world.
Imagine if we used the entire Pentagon's budget to feed the world, rather than kill it.
What do think about that? How about a shift in the paradigm?

1:02 PM  
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