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August 23, 2007

Oh My God. Jamba Juice Customers Warned of Hepatitis A

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/23/2007 05:26:00 PM
Jamba Juice (Nasdaq JMBA) just announced 4,000 customers of their San Jose / Willow Glen store may be infected with hepatits A.

About 4,000 customers could be at risk after a worker at a Jamba Juice store in San Jose, California, developed hepatitis A, the chief medical officer for Santa Clara County said on Thursday.

"During the time she was infectious, she was also working at Jamba Juice, so we were concerned that even though there is a corporate policy of good hand washing, you can't be 100 percent sure," Martin Fenstersheib said in an interview.

Hepatis A is a really nasty bug.

Hepatitis A, a rare occurrence in food service workers, is transmitted through oral and fecal contact. It can cause jaundice, fatigue, stomach cramps, and other ailments. Medical officials are advising anyone who may have been affected to get a vaccination.

I scanned the press release from Jamba Juice and it's awfully sparse on the location the store. It mentions the San Jose location but it doesn't even have an address. That's not being upfront at all especially if customers are getting sick. The PR people at Jamba should really be ashamed of not providing more details. I did a search and found that the San Jose Mercury News has details of the store where the heptatis A was found.

The female employee, who is now recovering at home, worked on Aug. 1-3, 6-9, 11 and 13-16 at the Jamba Juice at 1140 Lincoln Avenue

I enjoy going to Jamba Juice every now and then and this is really bad news. I blogged about Jamba Juice a few days earlier when I tried one of their new smoothies. It was good. Today's news is not good at all because many of the customers are kids and parents will not buy smoothies from Jamba Juice if they know their kids are going to get hepatitis. Fortunately, I didn't got to that store.

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