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August 31, 2007

Britney Spears No Pants Photos - Not Even Panties!

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/31/2007 12:51:00 AM

Look at these Britney Spears photos! Britney is wearing absolutely no pants! Britney Spears is so fat she stopped wearing pants. These photos were taken with Britney prancing around town wearing only a top and a pair of leather boots! If Britney spears didn't have all that cellulose under her ass, she would actually look very good with no pants. Unfortunately, Britney's tush looks as rocky as the Grand Canyons!

They used to say that women's skirts got shorter the better the stock market performed! With the Dow making new highs everyday, I can only guess that Britney is leading the way and ditching skirts altogether! No panties is the in thing in Hollywood now!

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