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April 18, 2007

Eric Schmidt "Mobile Is the New DVD"

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 4/18/2007 01:09:00 PM
I've been following some of the news lately coming out of the NAB show and Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google (Nasdaq GOOG), was quoted as saying that "Mobile is the new DVD." It's the next big format. Eric thinks that while cellphone may be small and hard to use today, in 5 years, they will be 10 times more powerful - in bandwidth, processing, etc - simply due to Moore's law. I'm not one to bet against that!

That's an interesting comment both because the mobile environment is hard to monetize today for portals and also because the carriers have a tight vise around their customers. Donna Bogatin over at ZDNET has a nice post about it and she calls it Google's $19 billion problem. Putting on my VC hat, I think this could turn into someone's $19 billion opportunity!

Google is known to buy things that have potential and I would not be surprised if they pick a nice tuck in acquisition in the mobile advertising space. With such a large market cap ... and I gasp every time I think about it ... I would be buying everything in sight if I were CEO. After all, Yahoo! Inc (Nasdaq YHOO) is having a truly tough time now and there is no better time to pounce on a competitor than when they are down. There's only one word to describe the earnings results from Yahoo yesterday: "dismal." The one word to describe Google: "stellar."

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