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January 04, 2007

PlayBoy PlayMates Kick Bill Miller's Ass - Hot Stock Picks Trump Legg Mason Value Fund

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 1/04/2007 05:53:00 PM
2006 was the year that Bill Miller ended his streak of beating the S&P 500 for 15 consecutive years. It was also the first time that 5 PlayBoy PlayMates beat the returns of the Legg Mason Value Fund (Nasdaq LMVTX) with their stock picks. TradingMarkets and PlayBoy sponsored the 2006 Stock Picking Contest and their returns were phenomenal. Each of the Playmates picked 5 stocks at the beginning of 2005 and their picks were hot. The top Playmate was Deanna Brooks who returned 43% vs Bill Miller's measly 6% (Shameful isn't it?). She gave Bill Miller a whooping. For your future stock picking needs, next time you may want to consult a PlayMate. Without further adue, the PlayMates and their Picks!

Winner: Deanna Brooks +43%
Deanna Brooks, Miss May 1998, picked 5 stocks that returned 43%. Deanna Brooks smoked Bill Miller with her picks. Deanna's top pick was Yamana Gold Inc. (USA) (AMEX AUY). Her reason: "What girl doesn't like a little bling? I'm hot for gold this year..." She also owned Hauppage Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq HAUP), International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE IBM), Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (ADR) (NYSE PBR) and Pfizer Inc. (NYSE PFE).

About Deanna. Deanna's turn-ons are being touched on my lower back, good kissers and well planned romantic evenings. Her turnoffs: hairy backs...especially on men! And, guys who whistle or say "Hey Babe!" when I walk by. Also, last but not least: "When it comes to sex, I want it anywhere I might get caught! A golf course, the back porch, an elevator..."

Deanna sure knows how to pick stocks.

Runner Up: Courtney Culkin +32%
Courtney Culk, Miss April 2005, came in second with a very respectable 32% return. Just as Deanna likes bling, then Courtney clearly likes shopping. Her top pick was Steve Madden, Ltd. (Nasdaq SHOO) which gained a whopping 80%. Steve Madden is her favorite shoe brand. Others included Bebe Stores, Inc. (Nasdaq BEBE), Nike, Inc. (NYSE NKE), Apple Computer Inc. (Nasdaq AAPL), and Google, Inc. Class A (Nasdaq GOOG).

About Courtney. Ambition: To secure a successful career in modeling and entertainment and finish her degree. Turn-ons: Educated men with a strong sense of self. Thin and sexy with a pronounced jaw line. Turn-offs: Bad teeth; pushy, disrespectful men; show offs.

Forget modeling. Start stock picking.

2nd Runner Up: Amy Sue Cooper +28%
Amy Sue Cooper, Cyber Girl of the Year, came in third with a 28% return. She likes drilling because her big pick was Dril-Quip Inc. (NYSE DRQ). Amy thought that drilling just sounded exciting. Cool. We agree. I like drilling too. Amy's other picks were mostly pharmas and biotechs - she's a nurse. She picked: Amgen, Inc. (Nasdasq AMGN), Indevus Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated (Nasdaq IDEV), Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq MSFT), and Pacific Ethanol (Nasdaq PEIX). Did we mention she's a hip tree hugger?

About Amy Sue. Amy Sue is a nurse and studying to be an anesthetist. When she isn't hitting the books, Amy Sue runs half marathons, play tennis or spends extra time in the gym fine tuning her fineness.

With her returns, it will be difficult to catch up! Drill on!

3rd Runner Up: Kara Monaco +16%
Kara Monaco, Miss June 2005, returned 16% with her picks. Her portfolio had a mix of steady performers mostly 16-18% winners like AppleComputer, Inc. (Nasdaq AAPL) because she likes their products, Bank of America Corporation (NYSE BAC) and CVS Corporation (NYSE CVS) because they seem to be growing, Perrigo Company (Nasdaq PRGO), and Zimmer Holdings, Incorporated (NYSE ZMH) because her friend told her to.

About Kara Monaco. Kara wants to become a successful model/actress, but I think she should be a stock picker. Turnons: intelligence, a sense of humor, someone tall, dark and handsome. Turnoffs: hairy guys! Cheaters! Jealousy and possessiveness.

4th Runner Up: Lindsey Vuolo +13%
Lindsey Vuolo, Miss November 2001, earned 13% on her portfolio. Her portfolio was very volatile. Vuolo is addicted to BlackBerry. She picked Research In Motion Ltd. (Nasdaq RIMM) which jumped 93% in 2005 - "I'm the dork of tech stuff". She also picked XM Satellite Radio Holdings CL A (Nasdaq XMSR) which tanked 47% - "XM Satellite Rocks." Rounding out the field: Bluefly Inc. (Nasdaq BFLY), Boyd Gaming Corporation (Nasdaq BYD) because "I love the Borgota", and Google, Inc. Class A. (Nasdaq GOOG) because "I Google everything."

About Lindsey. Her ambition is to get a degree in communications, to live successfully and start a family. Turn-ons are back rubs, a sense of humor, intelligence, confidence, true love, a good kisser & a nice butt! Turnoffs are self-indulgence, insecurity, jealousy, liars and cheaters.

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