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January 23, 2007

Google v Yahoo - Now the Real Battle Begins

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 1/23/2007 04:19:00 PM
Yahoo reported results. The stock is up - guess the numbers weren't that bad. But the real news is that Yahoo is rolling out its new ad portal Panama a month ahead of schedule on February 5th according to the press release. This brewing battle in PPC ads is now just about the begin. I've been seeing steadily declining CTRs and RPCs on my Yahoo ads and lord only knows how much more of the money that Yahoo/Google AdSense is taking from me. I just wish they would be more transparent. After all, I'm not a walking bank account for them, but sometimes, when you don't know the revenue share, you feel kind of taken. Who knows how they're adjusting the numbers you know?

That brings me to my point which is this: How much of Yahoo's upside this quarter was actually due to taking more revenue share from Yahoo partners vs taking in more ad dollars in total. Is the pie growing or is their revenue sharing growing? One? The other? Or both?

My hunch is that Yahoo is taking more rev share - just my take. Same thing with Google. They're taking more rev share. After all, the metrics aren't that rosy. Revenue per page dipped 3%.

That is why I am so glad that Yahoo is launching Panama because it will create more competition between Yahoo and Google which is good for publishers.

Oh, and by the way, Sue Decker is probably in line for the top job. She's the second person who got to talk in the earnings press release. That's a hot spot to be in. If Panama succeeds, she's it. If it doesn't, she's probably out. No pressure baby.

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