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January 10, 2007

CES Booth Babes - Las Vegas Girls and Babes

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 1/10/2007 08:59:00 PM
CES would not be complete without booth babes. Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, companies bring out the hottest babes to sell their electronic gears. After all, guys don't want to talk to geeks? Guys want to talk to babes. The babes this year:

1) Girls Gone Wild Beach Babes. Girls Gone Wild. No need to explain here.
2) Motor Car / Hot Rides Babes. Lots of them. Hot. Interesting. But somewhat conventional.
3) Direct TV Nurses "who prescribe digital TV prescriptions." I'll take on of those prescriptions! That's hot.

I know you want to just go on with the pictures. Here they are. I bring you the CES 2007 Booth Babes from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

First Stop, the Girls Gone Wild Booth Babes were playing beach volleyball. Ok. There is alot of sand in Vegas. So that makes sense. But where is the beach?

Next stop, the auto babes. There is no particular them here.
Booth babe posing. She must have had to do that look a million times!

Girls posing for the camera. Hot!

Babe signing a poster. Notice how they don't even care about the product. Neither do I!

Card counting babe. She must be a card shark / card dealer at the casino temping at CES.

Babe who knows she's hot.

A booth babe showing off her assets.

Still counting. Must be a card shark.

A very excited booth babe. They really should make the logos on the shirt bigger.

A booth babe pitching Clarion. What is Clarion? Who cares?

Is she selling a car? Or herself? You have to wonder sometimes. After all, its Vegas.

Russian babe? or Cold war babe?

Motor cycle booth babe.

Retro car babe.

Final stop, the direct tv babes. These babes were dressed up like nurses. Their prescription pads: DIRECTV Satellite TV.

An attendee posing with the Direct TV nurses. Their prescription: sign up for DTV. My prescription for DTV: sell!

Direct TV nurses gainfully unemployed. There were crowds of guys ogling them and taking photos of them "for their wives" until someone's wife came over. :-) hint hint.

CES is such fun! What would CES do without the booth babes?

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