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December 10, 2006

TopCoder Proves That Chinese Women Have More Equality in Engineering Education

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 12/10/2006 07:21:00 AM

A Chinese undergraduate has been named the VP of of Asian operations for TopCoder. Wu Yingying, 21, holding patents for three of her 100 inventions, has become Asia operations vice president with TopCoder, a Connecticut-based multinational company before her graduation, reported the Beijing News Friday. By the way, she hasn't even graduated!

Wu was admitted to the Beijing Normal University in 2003. She led the university team in winning the runner-up title of the ACM International Collegiate Programming contest in 2005. The same year, she went to Stanford University as a visiting student.

Wu Yingying, 21, a psychology major, is now the Asia operations vice president.

TopCoder Inc. is a worldwide leader in online programming and software development. According to TopCoder's Oct. 25 announcement, Wu will oversee and manage TopCoder business relationships and will build TopCoder's market presence and membership enrollment throughout the China and Asia region.

Wu's inventions, ranging from the OPEN Indexing Technology to the Dynamic Counter Cachet Technology, won her the 2006 Innovation and Technology Prize of China, an award sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

I think this particular anecdote goes to show that one of the benefits of socialism is equality in education between men and women. Gender roles are not explicitly delineated in socialist countries and women have a more equal shot at engineering careers. It is not unusual to see gender balance in engineering classrooms in China. On the contrary, you rarely see 50/50 split in engineering enrollment in America - schools are lucky to see 70/30 or 60/40.

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Blogger sevanetta said...

Truly, this student is a very nice anecdotal example of a woman doing great things.

However, I'd love to see some sources for your claim that engineering classes are 50/50 male and female in China. Also, what about other degrees?

Lastly - perhaps you didn't know - but in China they've actually got a problem with having a shortage of young women, compared with young men.


Well, when they brought in the one-child policy, people started selectively aborting female foetuses - so their one child would be a male.

That's hardly gender equality, in my book.

9:09 PM  
Blogger MR WAVETHEORY said...

You may be right. It is not 50/50, but women do hold many positions of leadership in China - running some of the largest companies. Prism Magazine, which is published by the American Society for Engineering Education, wrote last year ...

Nationwide, more than one-third of all Chinese engineers are female, according to remarks delivered last fall during the World Engineers Convention 2004 & Female Engineers Forum in Shanghai. One of the most renowned, Xie Qihua, 62, runs China's largest iron and steel maker, Shanghai Baosteel Group. A civil engineer and graduate of Tsinghua, she regularly appears on rankings of the world's most powerful businesswomen.

I'd say this is the equivalent of having a female Andrew Carnegie. Imagine that! It's very impressive.

10:58 PM  

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