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December 25, 2006

The Top 10 Stocks of 2006

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 12/25/2006 07:38:00 PM
It's always interesting to look back and see what the top 10 stocks performers were this year. So, I went to MSN and Yahoo to see what they came up with.

MSN's Top 10 Stocks for 2006
MSN has a Power Search that screens the top stocks for 2006. It's very easy to use, because it is pre-defined so all you have to do is click. According to MSN, the top 10 stocks were:

This Year's Winners
Symbol Company Name % Price Change YTD Prev Day's Mkt Capitalization Previous Day's Closing Price
FMXIQFoamex International Inc.22,361.50144 Mil5.75
AUREFAurelian Resources Inc.6,080.00826.8 Mil26.63
EFRFFEnergy Fuels Inc.4,188.9089.79 Mil3.39
FRPTForce Protection, Inc.1,950.00847.6 Mil15.99
TIXCTix Corp.1,511.1081.25 Mil4.35
ITKGIntegral Technologies, Inc.1,187.70166.8 Mil3.67
BLEFFBlue Pearl Mining Ltd.1,185.70395.3 Mil7.63
DPHIQDelphi Corporation1,154.302.051 Bil3.81
RDNTRadNet Inc.751.90148.7 Mil4.60
NWACQNorthwest Airlines Corporation648.20352.7 Mil4.42

I hadn't heard of most of these companies. You can see three of the top 10 stocks are in bankruptcy and/or reorganization. They are denoted with the Q in their ticker symbol. Also, it is interesting to see that six of the top 10 are on the pinksheets.

I don't recognize most of these companies except for two of them - Delphi Corporation and Northwest Airlines. Delphi was trading at penny stock status until recently when it announced restructuring plans, while Northwest Airlines has been bankrupt and recently caught a bid due to the mergers in the airline industry between US Airways and Delta Airlines.

Yahoo Screen for Top 2006 Stocks
Yahoo has a really cool Java screener that allows you to search for stocks based on price gain. In order to use you it, you enter your stock screening criteria. I did a screen for the top stocks of 2006 based on the price gain from the 52-week low of 2006. My criteria was Share Performance -> Extreme Price Parameters % -> Current Price Greater Than 52 Week Low (%). The Yahoo! list produced some different results, but even bigger gains than the MSN list.

Ticker Company Name Last Trade Mkt Cap Extreme price change %

MHJ MAN SANG HLD INC 5.1 32.6M 50900


NVH NATL RV HLDGS INC 3.6 37.2M 35900

KSW KSW INC 6.75 38.7M 850.704

VRTB VESTIN REALTY MOR 5.25 203.8M 582.501

MDV MEDIVATION INC 15.95 404.0M 578.723

HGO HOUSTON AMERICN E 7.31 203.4M 494.309

GVP G S E SYSTEMS INC 6.53 61.8M 493.636

APN APPLICA INC 7.28 182.0M 487.097

IIG IMERGENT INC 25.28 310.7M 460.532

Here you can see that half of the companies have market caps of less than $100 million even after their torrid gains. The most impressive gainers were MHJ WOC and NVH which gained 50,900%, 46,900% and 35,900% respectively meaning they produced gains of several hundred times off their 52 week low.

These indeed were the super stocks of 2006!

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