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December 01, 2006

How to Get More Shoppers to Buy from Your Online Store

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 12/01/2006 03:46:00 AM
This holiday season, online store owners will be scrambling to get business business holiday sales represent a big portion of retail sales. So, every online store owner wants to know how to get more shoppers to buy from their online stores. Here are some tips on what to offer. In a Yahoo study online shopping survey, when shoppers were asked what they wanted from an online store they answered the following:

If shopping at a small business online, what features would you find most important for an overall positive experience?
Trusted, secure online payment system (such as Paypal) 76%
Ease in navigating the site to browse, get information and make purchases 76%
Simplified customer checkout process 58%
Easy registration process 52%
24-hour customer services 47%
Attractive, professionally designed Web pages 39%
Other 7%

When shoppers were asked what they wished their online stores gave away as promotions this is what they wanted to hear:

When you are shopping online for holiday gifts, what special incentives or offers are most likely to entice you to buy from an online small business?

Free shipping 90%
Online discounts 69%
Free or no-hassle return policy 64%
Free gift wrapping service 27%
Gift certificates 24%
Other 4%
None 3%

Running an online store successfully means catering the needs and wants of users. So, start offering free shipping and online discounts and free and no-hassle return policies and increase sales to your online store.

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