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December 24, 2006

How the Christmas Holiday Affects Blog Traffic: Traffic Drops 30%

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 12/24/2006 06:14:00 PM
I was checking my traffic logs and was surprised to see how much my blog traffic had dropped - down about 30% from normal. So, I decided to put together charts and graphs to see how the Christmas Holiday affects blog traffic over the week leading up to and including the holiday. Here are some charts showing the traffic on Mr Wave Theory and on Modern Day Alchemist over the week starting from Sunday December 17 to Sunday December 24, 2006.

Mr Wave Theory Traffic for Christmas Week

In case you are a new reader, Mr Wave Theory is a blog about tech news, venture capital, hedge fund managers, and Web 2.0 pros. Since most readers are tech professionals, investors, and tech geeks, most of them probably took the week leading up to Christmas off - banner year for financial types and tech geeks, you know! They are probably enjoying their huge year end bonuses!

Modern Day Alchemist Traffic for Christmas Week

In case you are a new reader, Modern Day Alchemist is a blog about tech tips and tricks and scoops on new technology. Since most readers are tech geeks and your internet user who needs help with their computer, the drop in traffic is most likely due to people just not signing on or going online, spending time with the family.

In both charts, the vertical scale shows the amount of traffic - normalized to a 100 point scale.

Here are some interesting findings.

Traffic steadily declined over Christmas week. Since Christmas is one of the busiest shopping and travel seasons, most blog readers were probably on the road, stuck in the airport, or accompanying their family in the shopping mall, doing last minute shopping.

Page views dropped 31-36% over Christmas week. Modern Day Alchemist started the week at 95 traffic index and dropped to 60 traffic index on Christmas Eve or 36%. Mr Wave Theory started at 80 traffic index and dropped to 55 on Christmas Eve or 31%.

Unique visitors dropped 33%. MDA and Wave Theory both started at 60 index and ended at 40 on Christmas Eve. That is a drop of 33%.

Why the sudden drop in traffic?

It seems like most blog readers are enjoying the holidays at home rather than going on the Internet - or at least reading blogs. Since it is also a Sunday, that could explain why one third of all users are not visiting blogs today.

Enough blogging for today! Enjoy your holiday!

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