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November 09, 2006

Novell Mono 1.2 Supports .NET API on Linux

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 11/09/2006 06:11:00 AM
This is pretty big news from Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq NOVL). It's a first step in getting Microsoft .NET applications to run on Linux (press release). For once, Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq MSFT) seems very serious about getting Windows applications to work on Linux.

With full Mono support for the Windows Forms API, the graphical user interface portion of the Microsoft .NET development framework, developers can now bring their existing Microsoft-based client applications to Linux while significantly minimizing the time and effort required to migrate these applications. The inclusion of Windows Forms capabilities in this version is an important milestone in the expansion of the Mono project. Not only does it provide corporate IT and ISV developers with operating system alternatives for hosting existing .NET applications, but it also opens up the possibility of new desktop applications on Linux. Novell's award-winning SUSEĀ® Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, which debuted in July of this year, includes a number of new Mono-based desktop Linux applications such as the Banshee(TM) music player, F-spot photo management tool and the BeagleĀ® desktop search tool.

Some background on Mono Project:

The Mono project started in 2001 as an effort to implement the .NET Framework to Unix. To bring both the new programming model based on the Common Language Infrastructure and C# as well as helping people migrate their existing knowledge and applications to Unix. Mono today supports a wide variety of operating systems, CPUs and a large chunk of the functionality available in the .NET Framework.

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