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October 27, 2006

President Bushes Googles To Keep an Eye on His Texas Ranch

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/27/2006 09:43:00 AM
President George Bush likes to keep an eye on his ranch using Google Earth (Nasdaq GOOG) according to this interview.

"Occasionally," Mr Bush told MSNBC's Maria Bartiromo. "One of the things I've used on the Google is to pull up maps. It's very interesting to see that. I forgot the name of the program, but you get the satellite and you can - like, I kind of like to look at the ranch on Google, reminds me of where I want to be sometimes. Yeah, I do it some."

Google Earth's online images of the president's Texas ranch show a main compound with two outbuildings and what appears to be an outdoor swimming pool.

And he is no Al Gore. Not only did he not invent the Internet, he doesn't use email:

Mr Bush, in common with other world leaders, said he drew the line at using personal email, fearing the consequences of creating an electronic paper trail.

"I tend not to email," he said, before clarifying his position. "Not only tend not to email, I don't email, because of the different record requests that can happen to a president. I don't want to receive emails because, you know, there's no telling what somebody's email may - it would show up as, you know, a part of some kind of a story, and I wouldn't be able to say, 'Well, I didn't read the email'. 'But I sent it to your address, how can you say you didn't?' So, in other words, I'm very cautious about emailing."

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