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October 09, 2006

Google Blog Gets Hacked

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/09/2006 02:31:00 AM
Karen Wickre from The Google Blog Team (Nasdaq GOOG) says that Google was hacked this weekend. The hacker put up a fake post that Google had cancelled its Pay Per Call product. Many blogs linked to the fake post and it goes to show how the blogosphere is easily manipulated.

On that note of blog manipulation, Jason Calcanis who sold Weblogs Inc to AOL (Time Warner Inc. Nadsaq TWX) says that PayPerPost will pollute the blogosphere. The company is paying bloggers to write about products from advertisers. I respect Jason's viewpoint. The blogosphere is about free expression and PayPerPost is hijacking the medium. Here's what Jason had to say about Paid Blog posting.

1. I love the blogosphere and everything it stands for. I love, love, love the transparency, authenticity, honesty, and passion found on blogs. It's unique in the media landscape, and as someone who's fallen in love with it and helped it grow, I feel the need to defend it from the forces of evil.

2. You have to stop cancer quickly or it spreads. Too many smart folks I know look at things like PayPerPost and say to me "oh, those losers are never going to get anywhere... why waste your time." A couple of folks I know are not going to blog about it because they are friendly with the VCs and don't want to ruin their relationships. Well, PayPerPost has raised millions of dollars from a very big name: Tim Draper. That validates them big time. They can walk into advertising agencies and brand managers offices based on Tim's name. Now, I think most marketers will laugh them right out of town, but if no one speaks up and Tim's voting for this service with his very large checkbook then these guys might get some traction. They get traction WITH THEIR CURRENT MODEL and they undermine the blogsophere. (NOTE: I'm hoping they take a stand against covert marketing and change their current "market forces" excuse).

I have to ask Tim Draper: how can you endorse deceptive marketing? This isn't the TD I know... I know you're "just and investor" and it's "the entrepreneur's company" (and all those other lame VC excuses), but you gotta step up to the plate and tell us if you condone deceptive marketing. Do you?!?!

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