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October 25, 2006

The Browser War - Yahoo Sides with Microsoft. Google Sides with FireFox.

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 10/25/2006 01:54:00 PM
In the browser wars, Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq YHOO) has clearly sided with Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq MSFT) while Google Inc. (Nasdaq GOOG) has sided with FireFox. We may be in for the browser wars part 2. On Yahoo!, you will find little boxes promoting Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 stating "Yahoo! recommends that you update your browser. The new, safer Internet Explorer 7." When users click on the link, they get sent to the IE download page.

Why is Yahoo! promoting Internet Explorer 7?
It's because Yahoo! wants to set your default home pag
e to Yahoo.com. Also, each installation of IE comes with Yahoo! toolbar which has Yahoo! search built in. Each time you search with IE, you will be sent to Yahoo which makes money off search queries.

Why is Google siding with FireFox?
On the other hand, Google has been aggressively promoting FireFox and even paying affiliates of AdSense for installations of FireFox as part of Google pact. It is quite clear that Google sees the browser becoming of renewed importance - kind of poetic since Google made search important again. Google is promoting FireFox because Google Search box is embedded in the FireFox browser by default. When you search, Google makes money by default. Also, the default home page of FireFox, the FireFox Start Page, is a Google search box. So, you see it is all about search. Now that search is hot again, owning the browser and being

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