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September 07, 2006

Watch Free TV Show at Amazon UnBox

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 9/07/2006 03:33:00 PM
Hurry! Amazon.com, Inc is giving away free TV shows. It's giving away free $1.99 downloads. I just tried out Amazon Unbox. It's Amazon's new iTunes competitor and by the looks of it, it's pretty snazzy. I watched an episode of CSI:Miami using the service and the sound quality was sharp. The video quality is Amazing! The video is encoded at 2,500 kilobits/sec using the VC-1 codec. The best part is that I could start watching shows immediately after pressing play. There is no need to wait for the download to finish because Amazon uses progressive downloading.

TV shows seems to be doing very well at Unbox. The top sellers today are:

1) CSI:Miami - It's pretty addictive
2) Prison Break - Can't get enough of this Fox drama
3) Comedy Central Standup: Dane Cook
4) 24 - Another Fox drama
5) Laguna Beach

I'm pretty sure Amazon will give Apple a run for its money. They're offering hardware/content bundles. They're giving away $20 of free videos with a Zen Vision M 30GB.
Nice! I would have loved it if Apple had given me some free credits on iTunes when I bought my iPod! Hey, maybe a little competition will bring the best out of both Apple and Amazon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Free TV Shows are so cool. Thanks for the tip!

1:42 AM  
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