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September 28, 2006

HP Used Spyware More Than 1-2 Dozen Times

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 9/28/2006 03:33:00 PM
I'm following the Hewlett Packard (NYSE HPQ) Congressional Hearing (via) and it is just appalling to me that HP used spyware more than 1-2 dozen times in various "internal investigations." The "She" in the testimony is Patricia Dunn, former Chairwoman of HP,
She keeps saying that she never heard the word spyware used in connection with the faked email sent to a CNET reporter. She repeats a comment earlier from other testimony that tracer technology has been used 1-2 dozen times at HP in various investigations.
If you were an HP employee, how would you feel if you knew your company is potentially sneaking spyware onto your computer to spy on you? The words tracer technology seem to undermine the seriousness of the issue. To know that it was approved by the CEO of the company, Pat Dunn, means this company has some serious issues. If you are an HP employee, maybe it's time to download a firewall to your computer like ZoneAlarm or Ad-Adware and make sure your computer isn't being bugged.

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