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September 06, 2006

How to Print a Book on Demand With Amazon BookSurge

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 9/06/2006 01:42:00 AM
I have always wanted to publish my own book. Like many aspiring authors, one often wonders, how do you publish your own book on demand? After all, few authors are lucky enough to win a book contract before embarking on a literary career. Even fewer are as lucky as the notorious plagiarist Kaavya Viswanathan, who signed her first book deal before turning 17, plagiarized her way to an award winning novel/movie deal with Dreamworks, and was finally caught at the ripe old age of 19. I was doing a search on Yahoo for "print books on demand" when I came across the Web 2.0 solution.

While Internet juggernauts such as Yahoo!, eBay, and Google are trying to figure out how to address the market for publishing books in the digital age, Amazon.com Inc has solved the problem of booking publishing for those of us who still live in the age of the printing press. Amazon.com Inc has been quietly promoting BookSurge, a company it acquired in 2005, which provides on demand publishing for aspiring authors. BookSurge can fulfill print jobs of 1 or 100 books within 24 hours. Authors retain all rights to their intellectual property.

How does BookSurge Work?
BookSurge provides authors with a Global Publishing System (GPS) software platform. The GPS system has been used by AmazonPod to allow publishers to bring back out of print titles, test experimental titles, and market niche content with reduced financial risk. Small publishes have also been using the sytem to fulfill orders for books, so they can focus on working with authors.

1) Submitting a Manuscript
BookSurge provides layout and design for authors. Authors can submit Black and White manuscripts ($499) or color manuscripts ($699-899). Color manuscripts have a minimun of 24 pages and a maximum of 60 pages which is ideal for story books.

2) Submitting a PDF
If the book is already laid out, BookSurge charges $99 for Black and White and $299 for Color.

3) Copy Editing
Every needs copy editing. This can be expensive. BookSurge charges $3000.

4) Publicity for your Book

When your book is completed, BookSurge even offers a $499 publicity kit as well as book signing opportunities.

5) The All In Cost is $5299
When all is said and done, the total cost of publishing a work of fiction with BookSurge is $5299. That's not counting cost of printing copies of the book which can range from $8.99 for a 5.25"x8" 50-pager to $39.99 for a 7"x 10" 750 pager. The best part about using BookSurge is that you can feature your book on Amazon and pair it up with a best seller to offer shoppers added value for buying both items simultaneously.

Don't let the book printing costs scare you away.
Since your books are printed on demand, incremental costs won't matter until you receive your first order - at which time, you'll have the dough to pay! So, for $5299, you just might come up with the next great American novel!

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