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September 25, 2006

Homework Assignment : Analyze FaceBook.

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 9/25/2006 03:49:00 AM
I came across what looks like a college class and collaborative blog that analyzes FaceBook. It looks like it is written by 20 students who are posting their studies about FaceBook on a blog!

Top 5 Findings about FaceBook Profiles (via Digital Deception)

1) Not many Facebook users are motivated to misconstrue factual information, but many of them are inclined to exaggerate the information found in the sections open to interpretation.

2) Women are more likely to than men to lie about weight and to select their most attractive photographs.

3) Women are also more likely to lie about weight than height, and men are more likely to lie about height than weight.

4) Women portray themselves as lighten than they really are, and men tend to say they are taller by a few inches.

5) And regarding photographs on FaceBook ...
My friend’s photograph was a photograph taken by a professional photographer for which she had hours of preparation. In fact, this photograph is one of her modeling headshots, and she is wearing intense makeup...To top it off, this photograph was taken more than four years ago when she was a member of the high school track team. Although she still looks basically the same, I would say that there might be some deception involved about her current appearance in terms of weight. It would be difficult for her to maintain her high school weight when she is not running six to ten miles each day, and I estimate that this photograph is at least ten pounds off.

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