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August 31, 2006

NetVibes - A Cool Ajax RSS Reader

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/31/2006 04:48:00 PM
I came across NetVibes recently and took it for a test drive. It's a web-based RSS Reader that lets you aggregate news from sites like Mr Wave Theory.

What I liked best about NetVibes is the interface. It's really easy to use. NetVibes has an autodiscovery feature, which means you can type in the url of the site you would like to add and it will give you a bunch of options on the potential feeds kind of like below. With this nifty feature, it took me just 2 seconds to plug in my feed to Mr Wave Theory.Adding content is also easy. You can also add games to your page like Sudoku, Daily Cartoons, or simple Weather module. There is even a Google Maps module and one to watch TV on your home page.

What NetVibes can improve on is the user interface. You can change the heading colors of the different elements on your page. But beyond that, it seems like it's hard to change the background image. It looks like they are working on making user interface improvements.
The next step ahead for netvibes includes a wide array of improvements. We'll be ramping up our user support and working around the clock to respond to your feedback. We'll be adding greater personalization, including netvibes skins and more customizable settings. We'll also be working to dramatically increase the speed of your netvibes experience — we're in the process of rewriting the entire backend to optimize page loads.
The service is available in many different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Croatian, and Hindi.

Like many Web 2.0 businesses, NetVibes doesn't have a business model. Aramki thinks it could be advertising. In this case, NetVibes would create and promote widgets for sponsors, and get paid each time it is downloaded. It sounds like an interesting idea.
That's what Desktop.com, an ideaLab company, thought during the heyday. Maybe the timing is better in 2006!

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