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August 28, 2006

Google to provide EBay with Search Results

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/28/2006 06:13:00 PM
Google and eBay are announcing a deal! Wow! According to the company, Google would provide search results whenever an eBay member typed in a search term that failed to find any matches on eBay's vast auction site. Additionally, eBay and Google will join forces to roll out new "click-to-call" advertising across Google and eBay sites in the United States and abroad. Online shoppers would click on an ad to place a direct voice call to an advertiser or eBay seller, using Google's Talk software or eBay's Skype, which eBay purchased in October for about $2.1 billion.

What will the Google and eBay alliance do for the stock?
I think it will be great! Google closed up +7 and change to end the day at 380. eBay was up 0.49 at 25.79. It's all about monetization and Google and eBay both know that without advertising, there is no monetization! Maybe Meg will get to keep her job after all.

Om calls it Google burying the hatchet.

ZD says its means Google has relatively modest plans for Google's own Google Talk service.

Gesterling says it's much more significant than most people think because it is Google's entry into the pay per call market.

Marshall calls it bad news for Yahoo's deal with Skype.

Eric thinks it's not so good for Microsoft and Yahoo.

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