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August 31, 2006

Carolyn - You're Fired!

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/31/2006 06:01:00 PM
I just came across this hilarious article. Carolyn from the Apprentice fame is fired! There can only be one big ego in the Trump Organization
"She became a prima donna," a presumably close, unnamed "insider" told the newspaper. "She was giving speeches for $25,000 and doing endorsements."
And it's good to know that nepotism is well and live!
Proving nepotism is alive and kicking, Trump earlier tapped daughter Ivanka to take over as the reality show's requisite female sidekick, with Donald Trump Jr. chosen to fill-in for the other longtime Apprentice lackey, George Ross.
I can only imagine how it ended.

The Donald: "Carolyn, as you know you were in charge of my golf courses in Jersey City and my estate at Mira Lago. Therefore, I hold you partially accountable for the recent hurricanes. Not planning for the hurricanes was a big mistake. And I don't tolerate big mistakes. Why did you not forsee the hurricanes?"

Carolyn:"Mr Trump, I've worked my ass off for you for the last 10 years. I've proven my leadership ability and my ability to play the part of the hatchet lady on the Apprentice. "

The Donald: "Carolyn, there is only room for one prima donna in this organization. And with Baby Donald and Ivanka in the Board Room, there will more egos than I can handle. I can't allow that. That is unacceptable. You're fired!"

Updated: At least the Donald looked her in the eye before doing her in. Modern Day Alchemist reports that Radio shack fired 400 workers using e-mail. I wonder how the 10,000 workers at Intel will be fired? That's 10,000 pink slips. Hmmm. Maybe they can save some paper this time - after all, that's what cost cutting is about right? My suggestion, keep it short and simple and stupid so there can be no doubt that the person receiving the email is fired. Something like:

"U R Fired"

will probably do. And don't feel sorry for these product marketing fools. They'll all be working at the Googleplex by next week. I'll bet the recruiter from Google has been lurking around for some time.

Update 2: Oh, Carolyn (and those woeful souls at Intel), I've got a tipe for you when you're working your next job: dress better. Even this 11 year old running a lemonade stand knows that dressing well pays. And he's just selling lemonade.
Ethan Esparza takes dressing for success to a new level.

"When the people saw me, they just really thought it was cute," Esparza said. "I got a lot of money, so I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll wear a suit every time I do a lemonade stand'."

He started three years ago, when he was only eight, wearing the suit and tie almost every day.

Esparza’s casual attire was a disaster, "Once I wore a T-shirt, I just made five bucks."
With Suit: $40 per day. Without Suit: $5 per day.

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