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August 27, 2006

Andy Kessler Prophecies the End of Medicine

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 8/27/2006 03:49:00 AM

Andy Kessler is putting excerpts of his very thought-provoking book, The End of Medicine, online. The book is about how the technology revolution that drove the adoption of the PC will make human doctors obsolete and turn healthcare into a commodity that is cheap and affordable. Throughout the book, Kessler also pokes fun at some of the hedge fund guys and venture capitalists trying to make a quick buck off the interest in healthcare. Just looking at the cover (which shows an x-rayed mouse) gives you an idea of the good and fun nature of the book. The designer of the book jacket deserves great kudos! It's a fun and quick read.

Andy has graciously put a good portion of his book online and I think you will enjoy reading them too. I've read through the many excerpts of The End of Medicine and think they're a great sketch of what's happening in healthcare post Internet bubble. In no particular order, here are the links to the chapters:

Read Excerpts of The End of Medicine
1) The Med Conference (also at Andy Kessler's Blog)
2) CT Anxiety (also at Andy Kessler's Blog)
3) Cave (also at Andy Kessler's Blog)
4) Rad or Cad (also at Andy Kessler's Blog)
5) My First Taste of Silicon Medicine (also at Andy Kessler's Blog)
6) Breakfast at Bucks (also at Andy Kessler's Blog)

Enjoy! It's great reading material for a Sunday afternoon!

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