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March 13, 2006

The AP just reported that the Tokyo Stock Exchange

posted by MR WAVETHEORY at 3/13/2006 08:23:00 AM
The AP just reported that the Tokyo Stock Exchange will delist LiveDoor. This is significant because Livedoor was the #2 Internet company in terms of market cap - prior to being charged with fraud - second only to Softbank. LiveDoor shares have lost 90% of their value since January falling from over 700 yen to 66 yen on Monday erasing close to $7 billion in market capitalization. Over 200,000 investors held Livedoor shares and lost money due to the fraud. There is now a class action lawsuit being filed.

Google was recently accused of click fraud (estimated at 20% of revenues) and the delisting of LiveDoor brings into serious question the growth and profitability of internet companies. Google's fraud is even more serious because it brings into question the revenue growth achieved over the past year. Google never reveals the types of publishers it has in its network. The risks inherent in Google's business are never quite factored in as pointed out by PhilStocks which says that Google will have to own 100% of the search market in 2009 in order to justify its current valuation. This is quite unlikely given that MSN just launched Adcenter into beta and Yahoo is beta testing Yahoo Publisher.

Tokyo Stock Exchange to Delist LivedoorMonday
March 13, 10:44 am ET By
Hiroko Tabuchi, Associated Press Writer Tokyo Stock Exchange to Delist Livedoor
Shares Over Alleged Securities Law Breaches TOKYO (AP) -- Shares of disgraced
Japanese Internet startup Livedoor Co. will be delisted from the Tokyo Stock
Exchange next month over alleged securities law violations, the exchange said
Monday.The exchange will remove Livedoor's stock -- which has fallen 90 percent
in the last two months -- from the so-called Mothers market of emerging
companies on April 14, the TSE said in a statement.

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